As the year is finally coming to an end, it’s time to reflect on the past 12 months. 2017 has been quite an eventful one. So sit back and enjoy this short round up of events and various projects!!

2017 Review - The Year of Fitness Photography!

I’ve been shooting fitness for about 2-3 years however this year saw myself capture over 35 new clients. A big increase from last year. Most of my weekends and evenings spent editing, shooting and sending off the final photography. It’s good to see my work reaching such a wide audience. Having clients from Derby, Sheffield and London – it’s been amazing to shoot everyone! On every session, the client had their own story and reason why they booked the shoot. For a lot of people, it’s been the journey to get into the best shape of their life. Whether it was weight loss or stepping on stage. Just having the confidence to step in front of the camera is normally the biggest challenge. A lot of the clients I’ve captured this year have never had a shoot, so it’s always good to hear these positive reviews –

It’s always nice to hear such positive feedback, it’s why I enjoy the fitness shoots so much! Below is a small selection of this years fitness photography. To view more fitness cotent, make sure to visit my Instagram (might as well drop a follow as well whilst you’re there)

Taking a New Direction with 360 Photography and VR

2017 has been an a big year for 360 photographic devices. More and more manufactures bringing out the “next big thing”. Nodal Ninja. However for myself, nothing beats my current 360 photography of my Nikon D800, Sigma 8mm and adaptor. The results this setup produce are second to none. I was approached by Colburn Homes to create a multi room tour, in the stunning location of Warwickshire. To find out more about the project visit the post here or click to the photo to launch the tour.

I’ve also been slowly adding some of my 360 photography to the Google Street View platform. So far 25 of my personal tours and 360’s have been added. I’m planned to create a few more local single 360’s around the Gloucester and Cotswold area, so keep an eye out for some more stunning panoramic images coming soon!

Having the Power of the Sun in Your Bag!

One of the biggest highlights of 2017 has to be when I had the chance to test out and review the brand new Elinchrom ELB 1200, before the main consumer launch. Shooting some action sports, fitness and testing out some video features. To watch some behind the scenes action, watch the video below or view the post here.

That's a Wrap 2017.....Bring on 2018!!

As you can see my 2017 has been a rather busy one and that’s just short snapshot of what’s been happening! Not forgetting travel, road trips and seeing new places. However most of the time has been spent project after project, shot after shot! Another 12,000 added to my Nikon D800 shutter count!! Maybe next year it’s time to update my D800 seeing as it was launched 2012?!

Thanks to all those that booked a shoot, emailed or direct messaged me through social media. It’s been a pleasure! Bring on 2018 and another successful year at Matt Thomas Photography.