On the 10-11th March, I had the pleasure of being invited to the very first 2BroPro fitness show in London. This was the first bodybuilding show I’d been asked to photograph, so there was a mixture of excitement and nervousness. However, working with a great photography team I knew that I really didn’t have much to worry about! So I packed up my bags, caught the train to London and prepared for what was going to be an epic weekend of shooting.

Cameras at the Ready - Showtime.....!!

Five photographers, over two hundred athletes and two days of shooting – all under one roof at Here East within the Olympic Village in London. One thing I totally underestimated how many photos I’d end up shooting over the whole show. I even bought a brand new Sony XQD 128GB card for my Nikon D850!! Nevertheless, at the end of Sunday, my shutter count for the whole event equalled 7,418. Which looking at my Lightroom stats is 300 less than my total amount shot in 2016. Being at the front of the stage meant that my photo count was always going to be high! Every athlete performing their routine trying to impress the judges and win one of those all-important IFBB pro cards. I was glad that the D850 had a medium RAW option after the first day, as I think shooting a full res 45 megapixel over the whole weekend might of just been a little bit of an overkill – plus the massive increase in storage.

It was great to meet so many new inspiring people, from those who were stepping on stage to the main organizers of the whole 2BroPro show. I came away from the show feeling motivated and extremely excited for the next one in June.

I also never thought that I’d have one of my photos shared and published on the main Mr Olympia Instagram page, which has over 1.3 million followers!! You can view the photo here – which as of now has had over 7,000 likes (almost the same amount of photos I captured over the weekend)

2BroPro Cameras

2BroPro Show Photos

Below is a selection of the weekend’s photography. Featuring a few famous fitness faces as well as some athletes to watch out for!! This isn’t even 5% of the total amount shot but to check out a few more photos from the show make sure to visit the Event photography here.

To those who competed in the show and still needing to purchase your show photography, visit the link here. I look forward to seeing you all again in June – good luck!