Flour Shoot

How I Got The Shot – Flour Shoot

I’ve lost count of the number of times people have messaged me asking “what lights did you use to get that photo” “how do you come up…

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Live Stream

Live Streaming with a Nikon Z6

As we are still currently in a lockdown and the whole “work from home” idea is still very much present, I decided to create my own home “live…

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COVID-19 Photography

Documenting My Daily Walk COVID-19 Photography

2020 has been such a strange year and one that I’m not going to forget in a hurry! With lockdown still in effect and COVID-19 putting everything on hold, it’s…

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Charlotte and Rob - Dedicated XL

Charlotte and Rob

On Saturday 8th June I was back up in the awesome Dedicated XL gym up in Liverpool. A gym I’d shot at previously however, this was before their huge Watson…

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Fitness Photography Bodybuilding

How to: Editing Fitness Photos using Adobe Lightroom

Since I started shooting fitness photography, it’s always been a bit of a learning curve. It’s not something you can really study or just pick up…

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New York

New York New York

NYC, The Big Apple, home of TV series Friends or Marvel’s Luke Cage (on Netflix) – however you know New York everybody knows something about this…

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Sunset Photo Shoot

Sunset Fitness Shoot

Recently the weather in the UK has been incredible! Sunny day after sunny day. So when you get a phone call from your friend Gaz asking if you fancied a…

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Tappy Jam 2018

Matt Tapp Memorial Jam 2018

Farnborough skate park was once again for the 5th year home to the Matt Tapp Memorial Jam, created and organised by the amazing Charile Norton aka Big Boss.…

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Paris – Week in the City of Lights

The last time I visited Paris was back in 2009, so almost 10 years ago! This was for a short break skateboarding around the French capital, with a few friends.…

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