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Cirencester Skate Park Opening Jam 2014

Whilst this park has been open a short while since the fences came down, there hasn't been an official cutting of the ribbon, until now! So it was time for the Cirencester Skate Park Opening Jam at long last. Never have I seen the park soo full of skateboarders from all over, everyone from the…

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Churchdown Skate Jam 2014

After what has seemed liked the most rescheduled jam ever, the Churchdown skate jam finally was able to be held on Sunday 29th June. The sun was shinning, amazing BBQ food and some awesome riding from both the skaters and BMXers of all ages! The turnout compared to the first opening jam was a…

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The Basics of ND Filters

With summer approaching sometimes the bright sunny days can be a little tricky to capture that lovely depth of field or blurred motion, which photographers enjoy when shooting portraiture or a longer exposures within landscapes. A lot of the time you can’t correctly expose the photo due to there…

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Behind the Lens with Matt Thomas

Seeing as quite a few people ask what I carry in my bag and how I shoot, I thought I’d make a little behind the lens video from a photo shoot. Nothing too tech just a friendly look at what I do and why. Here’s the video, with a special thanks to Howard Colin for the filming and editing…

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How To: Use Manual Focus Nikon Lenses on a Nikon DSLR

A lot of Nikon shooters such as myself use the old Nikon lenses (pre-auto focus) on their digital Nikon bodies. This might seem a little strange sticking a lens thats 15 or more years old on a fancy modern SLR, however there are a few good reasons why you would. The main reason why I bought a few…

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Skateboard Photography 101 – Quick Guide

Whatever skateboarding magazine you pick up there are always photos that make you stop and go “Wow…wish I could get a shot like that.” (or that just me) That’s what I thought when I first started to get into photography, however seeing as photography is such a big market in terms of different…

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