As the festive season is now here and the Christmas cheer is in full flow, it was only right to pay a visit to London. Why London? Nothing says Christmas like seeing some of what London has to offer with their Christmas lights! Which from the previous year’s I’ve visited, they have been rather special. Every street seems to be awash with colour, lighting up the dull nights with bright colourful illuminations.

Busy Streets with Christmas Colour

The only issue with going to London at Christmas time is the fact everyone else has the same idea as well! If you’ve ever been to London, you’ll know how busy the streets are……when it’s Christmas multiple that by 10. The city streets were packed with hundreds if not thousands of people. Stopping right in front of you when you’re trying to walk, people almost getting run over by the buses who just blast their horns to get you out the way. All adds to the London city charm!

Although the massive element that adds to the London charm are the countless Christmas lights everywhere. Unlike most towns and cities who add lights to their main high streets, I don’t think there’s a single side road or avenue without some form of festive lighting.

Due to the mass amount of visitors to London, I knew my camera set up had to be quick and easy. The last thing I wanted was for someone to not see my tripod and kick a leg! Shot ruined. The ideal lens for the job, Nikon 16-35mm f/4G VR. Perfect for hand-held shooting thanks to the added Vibration Reduction, just what I needed for the “run and gun” style of shooting.

One of the many buildings around the city that had been lit up and spreading some Christmas cheer.

Love, Hope, Joy

If you’re visiting London and interested in shopping – Carnaby Street is the place to be. If you’re visiting London and wanting to find every street, alley and window display full of Christmas lighting – Carnaby Street!! These tiny streets were so full of colour you could see the spill of colour into the roads around. It was simply stunning!!

I also brought along my DJI Osmo mobile, a small lightweight gimbal, designed for smart phones. One of my favourite features is the fact you can create timelapse videos whilst your walking! In effect creating what is called a hyperlaspe. I thought I’d try this walking down Carnaby Street – a little bit harder than I first thought. Trying to keep a path and stick to it was a little tricky,¬†this was why I went back to shooting still photos, easier to stay in one place. Position the camera above the crowds and snap away! The crowds, the colour, the amazing lights – really felt like Christmas along Carnaby street.

Until Next Year London!

After two days of London Christmas walking, battling the crowds and carrying camera gear – I’m glad to be back home! It’s always fun going around the big city but the big city always leaves you feeling worn out and drained. Not sure if that’s just me or the fact carrying around a Nikon D800 with 16-35mm f/4G VR plus the DJI Osmo Mobile on your shoulder starts to get a little sore after a while.

A few days enjoying the London life, taking in the sites and not forgetting the joys of packed tubes. All adds to the Christmas spirit!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!