2020 has been such a strange year and one that I’m not going to forget in a hurry! With lockdown still in effect and COVID-19 putting everything on hold, it’s a strange time to be in at the moment. Personally, I’ve been using this time to work from home to update the website, catch up on editing as well as trying to learn new skills. One of those skills has been video and video editing. Therefore, I decided to setup the Nikon Z6, plug in the Rode WirelessGo and hit the record button! The idea behind the video was to document the social effects that COVID-19 and this pandemic.

Capturing COVID-19

Recently I was getting fed up of just doing the same daily walk, there are only so many times you can walk left out of your road! Therefore, I decided to document one of my walks, exploring the local surroundings and shooting a roll of black and white film – something I have not done in about 5 years!! The camera and film of choice was my Hasselblad 501cm with some Ilford HP5+.

I remember when I first started getting into photography, the darkroom was where I spent most of time. Learning everything I could about shooting, developing and back then, printing. It is what made me fall in love with photography. This was the reason why I wanted to shoot film, there is just something timeless about it, especially black and white film. Which felt very fitting in this current situation to be shooting film, capturing the vacant streets, the closed businesses and how social distancing is in full effect across the UK.

Documenting the Walk

As I knew this would be something I would want to look back in once the COVID-19 pandemic is over, I wanted to make sure I captured as much as possible on my walk. To do this I mounted my GoPro Hero7 to the side of the Hasselblad and just filmed it almost from a point of view angle. Seeing what I see just before I take that final photo. Although shooting street on a 6×6 medium format camera isn’t the normal camera to take out shooting but this isn’t a normal situation we’re in at the moment!

Sit back, press play and enjoy the video below – Documenting My Daily Walk // COVID-19 Photography. To view the photos full size, make sure you scroll down to the COVID gallery after the video. To view the video on YouTube click here.

Don’t forget to keep safe and stay strong – together we can get through this!

COVID Gallery