It’s been a while since I visited the city of London and had some time to explore the sites, however luckily I had a few days holiday left to take so booked them with a visit to London in mind. The hardest part once you’ve made the choice to visit the city is what camera gear to take! Even harder is the fact when I’m there I’ll be shooting some skateboarding with two of my friends – Jake Watt and James Greenshields, so packing lighting equipment and keeping it “light weight” can be tough!

Taking The Essentials

My main bag normally is a Think Tank International Roller, which is fine when I’m attending shoots locally or having to travel to the event, however for taking on a 5 day trip to London – not ideal. Before I always used to use my little Mini Trekker, cracking bag for the size but now my equipment has expanded massively and this bag is just too small. Therefore something new was needed and this came in the form of the Think Tank Airport Essentials. As the name suggests the bag is designed to carry the essentials that a photographer needs or wants.

After a quick bag sort all the items I needed to take were in and for me it was the ideal solution to yet another bag related issue!

London Hi-Sync Flashing

Elinchrom ELB
This is also going to be the first time using the new flash system by Elinchrom, their new Skyport HS and HS head, for shooting action sports. A risky move I know as so far I’ve only used the flash system in a still/portrait environment, to take the unit onto the city streets should be interesting. The thought of shooting at 1/8000th is very very appealing so be good to see how that works, if not it looks like a trip to The Flash Centre and see what deals they have got on Action Heads……however I’m sure I’ll be fine knowing now knowing how the unit and system works. Just need that extra Skyport receiver to then fire my SB-910 and I’ll be set.

Long Exposure Photography, Leica and London Streets

London Night
Normally as well I pack a small light stand for placing the flash units on, however this time I’m thinking and planning a head as on this trip I want to capture the lovely London city at night. So instead I’ll be bringing along my Manfrotto Be-Free tripod and using that as a light stand and then also my long exposure tripod! Having the best of both worlds, light weight tripod and able to mount the Elinchrom ELB on top – perfect. Another toy camera I’m bringing is my Leica M6 as although I’ve got the Nikon D800 for the main shooting, in the streets the M6 is just going to be the street camera everyone loves. This is always going to be in my hand as you never know what the London streets hold in store.

Keeping Social

Until I get back from my trip to London I’ll not have a chance to upload or post anything on here (I know I keep lacking with the updates but I will get back on track!) so the best way to keep updated is via Instagram really! Behind the scene snaps, tourist photos and whatever else I see I’m always very active on there. So make sure you give me a follow – @mattthomasphoto or visit the direct link here.