Facebook 360 was launched back in June 2016, which gave the ability to post 360 photos directly to timelines and also Facebook pages. When it was first released it allowed Facebook users who had captured a panoramic image on their smartphone a fun way of viewing these almost 360 photos. However on a smartphone such as an iPhone or Android this isn’t a true 360 degree image. The only way to really create a full Facebook 360 photo is either using a specialist 360 camera or you can use your DSLR – if you have the software and hardware.

For myself I’ve settled for the DSLR method for creating my 360 photography and Facebook 360 content. Whilst there is more time required and production needed to achieve the end result, it does have a much higher level of detail.

Below I’ll explain why I personally believe the power of Facebook 360 can add value to a business Facebook page, compared to a standard photo.

Facebook 360 - Ideal for the Mobile

Most people today have access or own a smartphone or tablet device and with over 1.86 billion monthly active users on Facebook in 2016 – the audience is massive! Therefore as a business tool, Facebook has a huge potential reach! By creating targeted adverts to audiences with particular interests, you can make sure you reach the people that matter. Most of the time people post a still photo but then within about 5 secs or less scroll passed and moved onto something different.

Creating 360 photography, allows something for users to interactive with, using their phone to view and move around the photo as if they are actually there!

Turning Heads and Phones with Facebook 360

Below is an example of a Facebook 360 photo which I created after a recent photo shoot at The Gym in Gloucester. It was shoot to showcase their new mural and highlight the weights area. I can also be viewed directly on Facebook here.

With the recent update to the way Facebook handles 360 content you can set the viewpoint – so for The Gym, I set the focal point to be the new artwork. Then from there, you can move around to wherever you’d like to see.

Due to this being a full 360 photo, no matter where you look there’s no missing image. Top, bottom, left or right – everywhere is captured. The perfect way to highlight and showcase an environment. You also tend to get a lot more engagement to 360 photos. In this particular post, I had over 6,300 see the photo which was helped massively by the 21 shares and 26 likes!

Impressive and Engaging

The power of Facebook 360 is amazing! The perfect way to highlight showrooms, areas of a business or even ideal for parties/events. Creatively it’s very impressive and with more and more people purchasing consumer level 360 cameras, it’s only going to become more popular.

A simple and dynamic tool to really show off what you or your business is about! If you’d like to find out more about 360 Photography and the way a Virtual Tour can allow a customer to view your business, even once the doors are shut, then visit the link here.