Fit for Business

Stand out from the crowd and expand your fitness business today

Working with personal trainers and fitness professionals in creating impactful visual content to help boost your business and online presence. Helping to expand your brand and attract the clients you want to work with, making sure you’re fit for business.

Nowadays social media plays a big part in attracting customers, with platforms such as Instagram being more about eye-catching visuals – it’s more important than ever to have professional photography to stand out from the crowd. Allowing you to create meaningful posts and content to aid your business, boosting your online presence and developing you and your brand.

Stand Out From The Crowd

How can this help grow my business?

Due to the increased level of personal trainers as well as fitness professionals in the marketplace today, it’s become harder to stand out from the crowd. Without having regular visual content to post on platforms such as Instagram or Facebook, how will you be able to attract the right customers and clients?

The Fit for Business package is desiged to help you build up an audience and develop their trust. Through using high quality content, to help deliver professional posts to inspire and promote your services.

"Visuals increase the desire to read content by 80%"

Save Time

Having professional visual content, ready to use will not only save you time and effort, but it will also allow you to focus on the more important aspects of your business.

Increase Online Exposure

Fit for Business isn’t just for PT’s it’s here for anyone who is serious about boosting their online exposure and taking their visual content to the next level.

Build your Brand

What does this package include?

The Fit for Business package is tailored to you and your business needs. This isn’t just your “typical gym shoot!” The 2-hour visual content builder package allows us to capture unique ideas for your requirements as a personal trainer or fitness professional. Whether that be capturing images whilst you’re coaching clients, preparing food or even on location in a lifestyle setting.

Fit for Business is about giving you all the visual tools you need to build your brand and target your audience effectively. The package includes 2 shoots over a 4 month period. Both of these shoots will include 20 professional edited photos per shoot, to use on your social media channels, website content or even personal training guides.

£500 / split over a 4 months

  • 2-hour visual content builder
  • 20 professional edited photos
  • 2 shoots over a 4 month period
  • Coaching and lifestyle shoots
  • Boost your brands exposure