I tend to get a lot of questions asking about my fitness photography lighting and what I use. I therefore decided on my recent shoot with Mark Weston to give a quick run down on my lighting. Lighting is something that can make or break a shoot in my opinion. With a poor lighting setup you’ll end up with a rather flat dull looking image.

Knowing how to use lighting tools can dramatically improve the overall photo. I’ve been using Elinchrom ELB’s since last February and haven’t look back since. For my fitness photography lighting, they are the go to tool to get the job done.

Lighting Equipment for Fitness Photography

The short video below provides a quick overview of the main tools I use to create my fitness photography. A mixture of different modifiers from large softboxes to grids – knowing how and where to position the lights will help to improve the overall image.

The kit I use however is something I’ve been building up over a year. Therefore you don’t have to go out and spend £3,000+ on lighting. You can use smaller speedlights however, over time it’s worth investing. The increase in higher quality lighting will not only allow you to shoot faster (don’t have to wait for recycle) but allow you to control the light a lot easier and more effectively.

Sample Gallery

There’s no point showing you what lighting setup without showing you some results. All of these photos were shot using the lighting as seen in the video. Main light, side lights and lower fill.

The camera used was a Nikon D800 with a Nikon 85mm f/1.4G

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