I’ve lost count of the number of times people have messaged me asking “what lights did you use to get that photo” “how do you come up with your shoot ideas” – so I decided to go back through the hard drive to one of my most creative shoots and explain “How I Got The Shot”. The shoot in question is the flour shoot I shot back in 2018, a shoot that received over 300+ likes on my Instagram. Therefore with it being one of my most popular shoots, it was only fitting to take the time to film a short video break down.

Flour Shoot - It's All About Planning

Sometimes the simplest of lighting can create the best shots, as I detail in the video below however before any flour was chucked around I had to make sure everything was spot on! You can’t be resetting a shoot once the flour has started to turn a perfectly clean gym into what looks like a scene from Scarface! Researching lighting setups online helped me to make sure I knew exactly what lights I needed on the day. Slightly different from the normal setup I use on my typical gym shoots, the main focus to capture the movement and motion of the flour in the air.

Enjoy the short video below detailing the plan, prep and final photos that went into creating the flour shoot.