360 Virtual Reality is one project I’ve been working on recently by building and creating a complete tour of Gloucester cathedral. You might be wondering what a 360 virtual reality tour actually is?! However, don’t worry I’ll explain all about the idea, project and what to expect below…..so hold tight!

360 Virtual Reality Tour

I’ve produced quite a few 360 virtual tours, allowing people to use their smart phones or PC’s to step into a location or setting they might want to visit. One piece of technology that is becoming more and more popular is the world of virtual reality. So something I wanted to do was to create a 360 virtual reality tour and where better than Gloucester cathedral.

To view virtual reality you’d need to use something such as Google cardboard or a Head Mounted Display (HMD) to view the finalised file. The whole tour is going to be around Gloucester cathedral in a 360 virtual reality tour format, which is going to be fully functional and offering the end user something they have never experienced before. Walk from scene to scene and enjoy the grounds of Gloucester cathedral.

Facebook 360 Photos

Recently Facebook have launched 360 photos directly to people’s timelines. Whilst you could play 360 videoed previously, having the ability to use even a basic smartphone with a panoramic feature, upload to Facebook and create a responsive 360 photo. Click the below photos to launch directly into Facebook.

Example One

Example Two

My own Facebook 360’s are all shot with my Nikon D800 and 8mm Sigma fisheye set-up. Which is the same camera set-up I’ve been using for my 360 virtual reality tour of Gloucester cathedral.  Using PTGui to stitch and create the final output, ready for Facebook.

The best viewing experience at the moment for Facebook 360 is via a smartphone device and the Facebook app.

Completed 360 Virtual Reality – Coming Soon!


I can’t wait for the final 360 virtual reality  tour to take shape. Testing the first few scenes and linking the areas together is going very well. Once complete I’ll be adding this to the 360 Photography / Virtual Tour page as the featured tour.

Stay tuned people as it’s going to be something very very special!!