Gloucester Cathedral is a glorious sacred space as well a spiritual house of prayer. This magnificent and historic place is simply breath taking. Therefore this was reason for the creation of my biggest 360 virtual tour to date. For this 360 virtual tour however I wanted to do something a little different, I wanted to create a full VR (virtual reality) tour of the cathedral. Something I had never tried before, but seeing as this building is extremely unique to Gloucester I wanted to add to that experience.

360 Virtual Reality Tour

Below is the final completed tour embedded into this page. Viewing the tour is simple – you can navigate from scene to scene via the arrows which are showing the direction to go. This allows you to visit the whole of the Gloucester Cathedral grounds, also if you’re quick you might just make it to the Quire before the afternoon song!!

For those who want to view 360 virtual reality version you’d need to use something such as Google cardboard or a Head Mounted Display (HMD) to view the finalised tour. Placing your smart device into a HMD gives you the ability to “walk from scene to scene” by just turning your head and line up the hotspot pointer onto the target.

Even if you don’t own or have access to a VR headset, using a smartphone is still a great way to enjoy the interactive tour Pressing the smartphone/tablet button below will launch the tour into a new window, once there press the gyro button (between Full Screen and Rotation). Pressing that button will allow you to use the smart devices inbuilt gyroscope to move up, down, left and right!

Google Cardboard

Gloucester Cathedral Tour

Fullscreen for Smartphone/Tablets

Get in Touch

If you have liked what you’ve seen above and would like a 360 virtual tour for your own business or company then feel free to get in touch. There’s also some more information about virtual tours on the services page here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the tour around Gloucester Cathedral and the 360 virtual reality experience! Leave a comment below and look out for more tours and 360 photography.

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