Today saw the city streets of Gloucester over run with runners all ages. The reason, to take part in the Gloucester City Marathon. A marathon around the city and surrounding areas, on what was a hot day for running. There were two reason why I wanted to go out and snap some photos.

  1. My parents were both running in the race
  2. A nice sunny day and perfect weather for some photography
  3. Enjoy some event photography again

So with my cameras in hand it was time to have an adventure around the city and local area!

Enjoying the Sunny Sunday

What was truly amazing was the turn out of people all around the course. No matter if it was the 2 mile, 6 mile, 20 mile or finish there were crowds of people. Clapping, cheering and shouting out the runners names. A site that was inspiring to say the least. The thing that I enjoyed was that ever runner that spotted me taking some snaps smiled and waved! Showing that there was a real team atmosphere around.

Fast Paced Action

Due to my parents running the race, I wanted to make sure I had quite a few snaps along the route. Not just stopping at one point but making the trip around the different mile points. Along the way you did start to see a few familiar faces, which they also started to remember you as well.

With the Nikon D700 in burst mode, 70-200mm f/2.8 on it was time to capture some fast paced running of the Gloucester City Marathon. Capturing not only the runners but the supporting public around the course.

Gloucester City Marathon – Sample Gallery

There are more online over on my Facebook page within the Gloucester City Marathon gallery. Enjoy and if anyone would like a copy then feel free to get in touch.