It’s been quite a while since my last holiday or trip away, 2015 I believe. Therefore this year I just had to get away! The issue with trying to plan a holiday is knowing where to go and what to take. Should it be the traditional “beach resort” or more a city break and an adventure? Being a photographer however, I always tend to go for the adventure! Why……well there’s so much of the world I want to capture, I can’t do that sitting on a beach drinking a cocktail (or two).

Holiday type decided, knowing where to go exactly is much harder! Soo many cities and soo many lovely places to explore! This year I decided to plan a trip to the wonderful area of the Sorrentine Peninsula and to the coastal town of Sorrento.

Pizza, Pasta and Peroni

The reason for Italy and this particular area is due to the fact, when I was working on cruise ships Italy always just had something special about their cities. The culture, history and not forgetting good weather. I’ve also recently been watching a photography tutorial series by Fstoppers called Photographing The World: Cityscape, Astrophotography, and Advanced Post-Processing. Fstoppers teamed up with photographer Elia Locardi to produce this stunning series, following on from the very popular landscape tutorial. This photography tutorial basically covers everything from start to finish all things cityscape, an area of photography I’d love to try and shoot more of.

Within the tutorial they also visit Italy, to the town of Cinque Terre, which is in north of Italy. A similar location to Sorrento as the houses are built within the cliff face. Therefore I’m hoping watching these videos will inspire my creative side when I visit this coastal town. What is also rather nice is the fact the photographer Elia Locardi shoots with Nikon and a D810. So similar to myself as I’ll be bringing my D800.

Travelling "Light"

Nikon 16-35mm f/4G VR

Previously on my photography travels I’ve always taken two or three lenses. Whilst it’s nice to have extra options on offer as you never know what to expect, on this trip I’m going to limit myself to one lens! The lens in question is the Nikon 16-35mm F/4G VR. A lens that Elia uses within his travels and throughout the video. I packed this lens on my last travel trip to Dubai and it was perfect for catching those handheld night shots.

On this trip however, I’m going to pack some of my Lee Filter system. Due to the location being along the coast it’s the perfect time to test and try some super long exposures during the day with the Lee Filter Super Stopper – a 15 stop ND filter. I haven’t shot too much with the filter so far but I can’t wait to create some smooth water during the day with the bright sun bouncing off the colour Italy coast. Which does mean I’ll have to bring a tripod, so I’ll need to pack the BeFree. At least the tripod fits within my Citywalker 20 bag, so no issues with having to carry it all together.

Explore and Enjoy

Whilst I might be taking a few bits of camera gear on this holiday, I haven’t or won’t forget why I’m having this holiday – to relax. So not everyday is going to be a massive photo excursion. Planning a few days to places like Pompeii as well the rest of the Amalfi Coast. So before I leave the UK I’m going to make sure my camera bag has the following items inside –

  • Travel Guide
  • Nikon D800
  • Nikon 16-35mm f/4G VR
  • Manfrotto BeFree
  • ThinkTank Citywalker 20
  • Lee Filters

With everything set to go, it’s time to sit back, relax and countdown the days till it’s officially time to fly to sunny Italy. Make sure to check my Instagram for updates via My Stories.