A lot of times when shooting sporting events you can’t be in two places at once, therefore how do you make sure you’ve got every angle covered!?? The answer is by using remote cameras!

Whilst this might sound like a tricky subject and some people believe it requires a lot of equipment, today I’ll give you a quick low down on how to set up and start into the world of remote cameras….

Essential items in setting up remote cameras are –

2 x SLR Cameras
2 x Remote Triggers
1 x Remote Camera Cable

The brand of remote triggers that a lot of people use (include myself) is PocketWizard. I did try this before with the Skyport system from Elinchrom, however the older units (pre 2009) wouldn’t allow remote triggering. I’m therefore unsure if this has been updated or if other cheaper brands of remote triggers are able to do this. I’m only going to be demonstrating using the PocketWizard system.

For the remotes you’ll have to make sure you’ve got both a Transmitter and a Receiver. In my remote camera work I mainly use the MultiMax units due to the increased channel range and zone system (newer Plus III have a similar option however not as vast) You can however use the older Plus and Plus II for remote camera work.

Once you’ve got the remotes sorted, you need to make sure you have the right cable to match your cameras connection. The helpful guys at PocketWizard have got that covered. If you check the cable finder on their site it makes it soo much easier to find which one is right for your camera. Just select your camera and model, as simple as that. For my Nikon cameras they require the N90M series as they have the ten pin remote terminal.

Some of the remote cables contain the letter P after the model number, this is to let you know it’s a Pre-Trigger Remote Cable. What this means is that there is a switch on the cable to keep the camera awake, basically like keeping your finger down on the trigger waiting for that shot.

Now once you’ve got the remotes and the cabling, time to connect it all up. The good thing about PocketWizard’s is hot shoe connection, so you can just slide the trigger ontop of the camera. Nice and neat!

That is all there is to it really!! So make sure you position your camera in a good location to capture that moment. Very handy with wedding season starting again plus the weather on the sporting events hopefully improving soon.

If anyone has any question then please drop me an email and I’ll get back to you ASAP – info@matt-thomas-photography.co.uk