As another year comes to an end, it’s time to prepare for what’s in store for 2018. This might be looking over all the shoots from 2017 and seeing what worked and where the improvements are needed. Maybe it’s time to update your equipment, buy a new lens or even a new camera body?! One thing that can’t be overlooked however is making sure your camera’s copyright and import metadata is up to date.

For those that don’t know here’s a quick handy to make sure you start your 2018 photography the right way!

Nikon Camera Body Copyright Information

Seeing as I shoot on Nikon this guide is only going to be helpful for Nikon owners (sorry Canon and the rest) I’m sure it’s the same thing, but here is a helpful link just incase. On both my Nikon D850 and D700 the option appears pretty much in the same place, within the Setup menu, however on the D700 it’s further down the page. Watch the short demo below, showing the simple steps on how to update the copyright notice on the Nikon D850.

Step by Step Guide

  • Press the Menu button
  • Select the Setup menu
  • Find Copyright information
  • Update the information with the correct year
  • Go out and start shooting!!

It’s quite a simple straight forward process, once you know where to look. As you saw from the video it only took me about 24 seconds to update my Nikon D850!

Adobe Lightroom Metadata

If like myself you use Adobe Lightroom to edit and process your photography, when I import my images after a shoot I always apply some extra metadata – name, company, website etc. The reason for this is when I export the final edits all that information is embedded into the image file.

The same as updating your camera, it’s easy when you know how. Below is a quick set up by step guide. Within the description o the images, detailed steps are provided. Click the image to view a larger version.

2018 Photography Checklist - Complete

Hopefully these few simple tips will help to you satrtyour 2018 photography the right way! Even if you haven’t started using the copyright and metadata options within your camera and editing software, now is the chance to. Quick setup and away you go. Plus once it’s set you’re ready for the next 365 days!!