I’m a massive fan of long-exposure photography as some of you might of seen on the site with a few examples dotted around here.

There is just something about creating an image that is still but contains movement, which sometimes helps to add drama to the photograph or even just to change the feeling/context.

Long Exposure Photography - The Power of ND's

The guys and girls over at B&H Photo with the help of photographer Deborah Sandidge have put together a video which covers pretty much everything to do with long-exposure photography! She goes over shooting at twilight, shooting in low light, how to get starburst effects by stopping down your aperture, using variable neutral density filters, using 10-stop ND filters, photographing star trails, black and white conversions, creative post processing methods, time-lapse and more. If you didn’t know anything about how to achieve a long-exposure photo, you will after this!!