Recently I’ve been spending quite a bit of time within the back end of the website, tidying up some code and developing some new exciting features. The main area I’ve been looking at is the online checkout, the final payment stage when you book a own fitness shoot. Making the whole process easier and more streamlined. Welcome Apple Pay to the Matt Thomas Photography online checkout, powered by Stripe The new standard in online payments.

Secure, Protected and Easy

If you own any supported Apple device (iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch) and you have Apple Pay setup, checking out is as simple as placing your finger on Touch ID. All you have to do is select the Buy with Apple Pay button, then confirm with Touch ID.

Apple Payment Button

No more form filling contact details, entering payment information. A quicker online checkout without having to create an account or log in. Touch ID is also available on MacBook Pro, so paying happens with just a touch and is easier and more secure.

Seeing as Apple Pay is available in most retail stores within the high street, I thought why not bring it the Matt Thomas online store. However, it doesn’t just stop there! Within the online client gallery, the same process can be applied. Meaning ordering your photos from shoots has never been easier! Select the images, visit the checkout and pay with Touch ID and Apple Pay.

Don’t worry the normal payment gateways such as PayPal and card payments can still be processed. So don’t feel as if Apple Pay is now the only way.

Book Your Shoot Today

Now you’ve seen how easy and simple booking a shoot can be, what are you waiting for?? Head over to the online shop and book your fitness shoot today. If you’d like to see some fitness photography examples then head over to the fitness gallery and view some of my latest work.