This is the fourth year of the Matt Tapp Memorial Jam and this year was bigger and better than ever! Not only down the massive support from various different sponsors but also the increase in support from friends, family members and loved ones.

It was safe to say that a quite a bit blood, various amounts of sweat and maybe the old tear or two was shown during the two different jams. All in the name of putting on a good show!

The Headache of being "Big Boss"

Once again “The Big Boss” that is Charlie Norton put on an event that even some major event management companies might be put off by! Trying to tell a group of skaters and BMXers to put down their beers and ride is hard enough on a good day. Try doing that on a day where almost 150+ people have turned out for the event! It’s going to tricky. Lucky Big Boss held his cool in the major heat and almost everything went to plan. Seeing that Charlie is almost a veteran this now, it’s safe to say he always got things under control.

Seeing that Charlie is almost a veteran this now, it’s safe to say he always got things under control. The amount of sponsers this year was incredable. From what started out to just being a handful of local compaines, now the event is drawing in some pretty big well know brands and compaines (view the thank you section below).

The Main Events - Matt Tapp Memorial Jam 2017

I know I pretty much say this every year but either because I’ve been out of the skateboarding and extreme sports world for too long or the people down Farnborough just know how to step things up! Once again the level of riding was incredible. I guess some people saw what was up for grabs for the winning riders! Banger after banger was chucked up, down and all around the park. New lines and some old classic combos. Some people had come out chasing that WIN.

What was even more impressive – carrying on riding in this June heat! Right from 10 am the sun was out beaming down, making sure that everyone – rider or spectator could enjoy this mini June heatwave.

No Jam is Complete without Blood

Every year this jam always sees it’s fair share of blood and this year was no different! Once again it was the BMXers who were up for trying something a little bit more extreme and nothing gets more extreme than existing out of the park via the spine ramp! Something only a small handful of riders have ever tried and actually landed. A gap that speed is the key in getting enough air to clear the fence and have enough forward movement to ride away.

However, whilst speed might not have been too much of an issue, the downwards force and nose diving into your handlebars after a ride away – isn’t part of the trick! Most people didn’t even know what had happened due to the fact you couldn’t see through the fence or were still in shock that someone had tried the gap! It was a relief after a while to see that everything was okay and the shock and blood had stopped just about.

Hair Today, Gone During the Jam!

Having your haircut on a Saturday is quite a normal thing to however, what about having your hair shaved off in the middle of the skate park with everyone watching. Well, that’s what Heather Macdonald decided to during the jam! With the help of Jack Fletcher from Headcase Barbers on the scene to provide the tidy up after Luke Glover took the first cut.

Sponsors and Thank You!

The memorial jam 2017 saw the biggest list of sponsers ever, not only that but the Tappy Jam is an Official Fundraiser for CALM .Which just goes to show what a group of young men and women can do when they get together in a positive way.

Therefore a massive thank you to sponsers for 2017 jam go to –

However not forgetting everyone who’s donated money, time and those that came to the park on Saturday 17th June and celebrated the life and remembrance of skateboarder Matt Tapp. Raising a massive £2,038.70!!

Thank You

Memorial Jam 2017 Gallery

No jam can be complete with a large selection of photography. Sit back and enjoy a selection of snaps that I shot of the 2017 jam. Until next year Farnborough!