Farnborough skate park was once again for the 5th year home to the Matt Tapp Memorial Jam, created and organised by the amazing Charile Norton aka Big Boss. The previous years (2017, 2016, 2015) have set the way for this event to bring not only Matt’s family together but close and distance friends back to the skate park to remember the life of Matt Tapp. With an even bigger prize haul from last year, the 2018 jam was going to be the biggest and best one yet!

Going Bigger for 2018

The format of the day was much the same of previous years. Everyone heading to the skate park for 11am with the first BMX jam kicking off just after midday. Once again the turn out down the park was incredible, Farnborough locals and those who visit every year to show their support. This year Charlie was lucky enough to have support from Rockstar and Brooklyn Brewery, meaning that everyone could have a drink during the event (strict ID bouncing was in place by the Big Boss on the alcohol)

High Flying Action

At this years event the BMX riders thought they would spice things up with some high flying big air competition. The aim of the game….get as much air as possible on one of the parks quarters! What could go wrong right?! Well not too much to be honest compared to last year’s air out of the park action which resulted in a rather bloody mess!

View the mini gallery below from the big air comp, as well as the short video.

Skateboarding Tech and Gnar

Who can forget the skateboarding!!! The sport of choice of Matt Tapp. All eyes were on the young up and comers who were out in force to try and knock last years winner Phil Gee off the top spot. It’s amazing to see year on year the progress everyone is putting into developing not only their style on the board but also the level of tricks being performed. I don’t think the main hip has seen so many kickflips, 360 flips as well as some huge transfers from the spine.

Even the game of SKATE which happens every year, saw some madness happening on the flat ground. The 12ft boxed area was the proving ground for a lot of skateboarders that day! Late flips, some quite questionable lands but at the end of the day, it’s all about having fun not only on the board but also off it as well.

Incredible Donations

Once again all the money raised would be donated to CALM. Last year the money raised was over £2,000 however for 2018 the grand total was a massive £3520.28! Over £1,500 up from 2017 which is just incredible.

So a massive well done and congrats to everyone who came to the 5th Tappy Jam and until next year Farnborough.