Owner vs King is a well know event hosted byThe Gym Gloucester. The other monthly competitions include the Queen and King of the Gym events. The theme with all these different events are about proving your strength, endurance and willpower. Saturday 15th July it was the turn of the owner, James Churchill, to prove he’s own strength against the King Gym 2016 winner Ryan Kibble. These two powerhouses went head to head into battle, which was the ultimate test of lifting Owner vs King. The format was the same as the King of the Gym competition but with a bigger prize at stake…..beating the owner and founder of The Gym Gloucester!

Blood, sweat and tears

With a large turn out of supporters, family and friends the scene was set for an epic day. Both James and Ryan gave it their all and battled hard. So much so it all came down to the very last event. In the end James just took the win but well deserved after coming 3-0 down half way through the competition.

For those that couldn’t make the day, take a look at the video below and witness the events unfold! Congrats again to both James and Ryan for putting on such a good show.

Owner vs King 2017