Back in 2014, I made the jump to swap my main camera, a Nikon D700 to the 36-megapixel beast – the Nikon D800. It was quite a jump and since then the D800 was my go-to camera. Countless fitness shoots and it produced some amazing results. However, like most photography equipment, there comes a moment when it’s time to update to something bigger and better! Currently, there’s nothing bigger and better than Nikon’s new D850. A 45-megapixel monster which can shoot 9 fps and an autofocus system taken straight out of their flagship D5.

As Nikon quote in their marketing – I AM THE NEW PERSPECTIVE – and from my first few weeks with the D850, I can see why! Although having a camera that can shoot such a high resolution, I’ve also had to upgrade a few other bits of photography equipment!!

All the Gear - No Idea?!

I’ve been shooting for about 10 years now and in the time I’ve built my equipment based on my needs or projects. I remember when I first started with a Nikon D70s, I was so amazed by that camera. It’s what got me into photography. Fast forward a decade and all my original equipment has been replaced and is no longer within my current camera bag. Therefore the gear I buy has always had a purpose, and purchasing the Nikon D850 has been a long-term plan. Ever since the camera was launched back in August 2017, I was impressed with the vast spec sheet. ISO performance and one area I’m looking to expand on video. This camera pretty much ticks all the boxes and compared to my D800, was a big jump up again!

During my first shoot with the D850, however, I was a little surprised how my older Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8G VRI was performing. At one point it felt like the vibration reduction motor was jumping! Looking through the viewfinder the image was “shaking” up and down. Luckily I was able to finish the shoot without any other major issues. It did, however, get my thinking – was it also time to update the trusty 70-200mm?!

Equipment Refresh - Number Two

Following on from the slight issue I had with 70-200mm, it kept playing on my mind. Was it the camera? (a brand new camera?!) Was it in fact the lens? (never had the issue with D800 or D700) So, in the end, speaking to others online about the new Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8E FL VR, I thought I’d bite the bullet and swap out the old one. However, the new price on a pro-level lens is enough to give you a fright!! These new Nikkor lenses aren’t cheap! Luckily there were a few stores that for some reason a used version had popped up. Like new, boxed, hardly been touched – an easy way to save some money, if you don’t mind buying secondhand!

Photography Equipment

Now my shiny Nikon D850 has a new lens to play with on its next outing, a rather lovely Fluorite element coated 70-200mm. They do say buy cheap buy twice – and I really can’t afford to buy two Nikon 70-200mm f2.8’s!! Fingers crossed this photography equipment was the first and last of 2018…….but who knows?!