Gloucester has been home to the Scrumpty statues for quite a while now, ever since the Rugby World Cup. Now the others have gone a new face has popped up for this festive season…Santa Scrumpty. However rather than just some normal photography, like above, I thought why not create a 360 photo which you can view anywhere and anytime!! So this is how the 360 Santa Scrumpty came to be.

What's a Scrumpty?

If you’re not too familiar with what a Scrumpty is then here’s what you need to know, taken from the Scrumpty site

Gloucester’s newest mascot, Scrumpty will take to the streets of Gloucester throughout the summer of 2015 for an exciting sculptural trail. 25 giant sculptures of Scrumpty created and designed by ‘eggs-eptional’ professional and aspiring artists will be placed in the historic streets and green places of Gloucester to capture the imaginations of the public.

So these giant eggs have been taking over the city for a while, with the newest one hatching last Friday on Westgate Street. Therefore I wanted to capture the mascot in a new fresh way, with the power of my 360 Photography.

360 Santa Scrumpty

Below is the final 360 photograph, shot on a Nikon D800 with a Sigma 8mm fisheye. By stitching the photographs together the end result is an interactive 360 photography giving you a full viewing experience as if you’re actually on Westgate Street itself! Press the information button to be directed back to the main Scrumpty site.

If you’re viewing on a desktop computer then press the full screen option to be see a bigger picture. On tablets or smartphones follow the link below to launch a full screen mode. By entering a full screen mode use the inbuilt gyro in your device to move your phone left, right, up down to move around the 360. Press the button below in the 360 photo to start this mode.

Interactive 360 Photograph

Fullscreen for Smartphone/Tablets

I hope you enjoy the fully interactive 360 Photography and if you would like to see more or even book a complete 360 Virtual Tour, then feel free to get in touch.