Hanna Baxter Group Shoot

Hanna Baxter Bath Group Shoot 5th September 2020

£ 150.00

Join Hanna Baxter and myself for a group shoot around the wonderful city of Bath. The 2-3 hour shoot will take place all over the city, capturing the various stunning stonework locations and narrow streets that Bath is known for.

This is the perfect way to document your hard work from the gym in a fun and relaxing shoot. Feel free to bring a change of clothes as this will allow you to switch up the shots to give you more variety. Each group shoot bundle includes 5 photos from the day, which can be selected from your personal online client gallery. If you’re wanting more, take a look at the photo bundles below.

I look forward to seeing on Saturday 5th September 2020 for what is going to be an incredible day of capturing some epic location photos on this Bath group shoot.

Photo Bundle

Add some extra photo edits to your group shoot package. The perfect way to make the most out of your time in front of the camera.


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