As it’s half way through the year it’s only fair to have a short break to somewhere hot, that’s what most of us Brits do anyway. Last year I went to Barcelona for a short week, this year somewhere a little bit different, Dubai in United Arab Emirates!

This is somewhere I’ve seen in films and been in amazement with how this place looks. Massive buildings you can see for miles, crazy cityscapes and what appears to be fantastic weather (minus the sand storm which happened in Mission Impossible). So my plan of action after work today was to finally pack my camera items together and think about the trip ahead, what a trip it’s going to be to Dubai.

Capturing the Cityscape of Dubai – What Should I Take?

I had this same issue last September however this time I knew which lenses to take from my previous experience. I have actually updated my lenses and in fact my camera from my last trip away. This time I’m in fact travelling with two zoom lenses. The Nikon 16-35mm f/4G VR and Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8G with my mega pixel monster, Nikon D800. The main reason for the two zoom lenses this time is Dubai is a city I’ve never been to so want to make sure my kit is as flexible as it could be. I might need a longer range than just 35mm with options to zoom longer if I need to. Therefore this trip my primes are staying at home (sorry to all those prime lens lovers out there!)

Again my trusty Manfrotto Befree is coming along as long exposures and night photography just seem to be when Dubai comes alive! Therefore I want capture some of that action. Also because it can be quite a busy environment to photograph, I think this time I might be using my 10 stop ND filter for those vacant cityscapes during the day.

One thing I also made sure I did was to give my camera a good old sensor clean. Last thing I want is to be retouching photos due to higher f numbers and dust spots on my photos!!

Something Special

I’m also bringing along something special this trip as since having this item I’ve not really used it too much. Hopefully I get a chance to on this trip but it all depends if I find the right location and enough time to quickly plan and shoot. I’m not going to say too much but in my head this idea could be something really enjoyable if I carry it just right. Watch this space is all I’m going to say……

Farewell for Now!

There’s not too much else to say before I set off, just looking for that good weather, interesting subject matter and an enjoyable trip – which Dubai seems to cover all of those things! As soon as I’m I’ll get right onto the editing and post the best photography online.