Some of you might have seen recently the updates and that the website had a bit down time. Whilst it was a little bit longer than I hoped, the reasoning was to work on the new look. It might look the same but overall everything is new and rebuilt.

Site Updates…again?

I started to ask myself the same question when I first thought about the new look and nothing seemed to be working out! The reason why was because I wanted more flexibility and creativity on the site for the different pages, posts and content. Whilst my previous site was totally fine, there were quite a few limiting factors I ran into. Seeing as photography is all about being creative, I thought it was time for a change! (although only 7 months after the 2016 relaunch)

Now the new site is up, I’ve made a promise to myself to leave any big changes alone! Websites and updating/remodelling can create a lot of stress…..so no more. There will be the odd tweak around the site, some more pages added, however nothing as full on as a total site update.

Shoots, Shoots and Passion for Video

In the mist of all the site work I’ve also been busy in a few different gyms shooting some fitness. Recently I’ve started to bring along a GoPro to the photo shoots to capture some behind the scenes video, something a lot of people seem to really enjoy.

Below are the two most recent behind the scenes videos –

Leah Cooke - Behind The Scenes Video

More Video Content Coming Soon!

Due to everyone seeming to enjoy video more and more, it’s time to bite the bullet and bring out the “selfie” vlog style content. I’ve got a few ideas in mind for short clips and videos – before it was just trying to find the time.

Hopefully within the next few weeks I’ll start to post some more clips to the site, so stay tuned. In the meantime enjoy the new site updates and look forward to posting more content very soon! (not every 4/5 weeks!)