Street photography is something I’ve never really ventured into. Seeing the world around you and capturing what’s going on within those busy rush hour days. A moment in time a few seconds later wouldn’t be there any more. That’s why my recent trips to London I thought I’d try my hand at some street photography and see what I can capture. Plus why have a Leica M6, the ideal street photography camera, and not use it!

Taking it to the Streets

London is one of those cities where there is always something going on, no matter where you are, who you’re with – action and a picture to capture is never too far away. With that being the case having the right camera to capture the streets is key! Yes I know I could of used one of my Nikon DSLR’s but if you look back at any old photojournalism, the camera of choice was a Leica. Small, lightweight and with a very faint shutter. The shutter sound on a Leica is like nothing I’ve heard before due to the range finder styling and no mirror, the fabric curtains just slide over with a very minimal sound. Ideal for shooting street photography.

Camera chosen, the film I always love shooting is Kodak Porta 160NC. A neutral film with pleasing colour tone, perfect for skin and just general use. I’ve always shot this at ISO 200 and never mentioned anything to the film lab when getting the film developed. It just seems to work and to be it’s not like I’m trying to really push or pull, a minimal ISO change doesn’t hurt too much.

I always seem to pick my lens last, as the other two options are pretty much a known factor already! When photographing on the streets I like to have a 35mm lens as enjoy the slightly wider field of view compared to a 50mm. I’m then able to get a bit more within the scene, which helps to tell a story.

The Grand Old City of London

The main reason why I was in London was for a photo shoot for Hooch, so once that was over I dropped off my main bag to explore around the city. Walking………walking……..and more walking! That’s the joy of London, you can turn a corner and enter into a totally different world and place. It’s the main reason why I visit London, no matter how many times you go you’re always going to see something new. No trip there is the same!

So with the film loaded, camera ready I knew it was time to get snapping through the 36 exposure of Kodak Portra with some street photography! I’ve scanned a few below so you can see what I was able to capture.

Street Photography Photos

Here are a few photos from the roll, I’m some what happy with how these have come out as using a rangefinder can be tricky at times. However the more I’m using my Leica M6 the more I’m seeing why this camera is loved by so many and has been used by some of the top photographers of our time.
Street Photography - Rain

Street Photography - Crossing

Street Photography - People

Street Photography - Bus

Street Photography - Harry Potter