I haven’t really shot any street skateboard photography for quite a while, which is surprising when that’s all I used to photograph. I guess it’s always a good thing when your photography has taken you down different paths of creativity – more portraiture/model work, travelling to foreign lands and sports away from extreme action. That’s why when I had a message the other night from a friend asking if I wanted to shoot some skateboarding, I jumped at the chance to brush off my old photographic subject style!!

Shooting Some City Street Skateboard Photography

One of the hardest things when shooting skateboarding in the streets is, the streets! You can only work with the spots you’ve got on your doorstep unless you are wanting to travel. So whatever your town or city has to skate, that is all you’ve got to photograph. Unlike a skate park where it’s purpose built, and sometimes offers everything you need, street skateboard photography you have to find the location and hope you can achieve something.

Luckily I knew a few local spots to try and grab some of the action, however some of the spots I did come up with were a little different to how I remembered! Over grown bushes and rather rough ground to land on, never a good environment for skateboarding.

Quick Behind the Scenes

As I was out with another local photographer, Neil Sterry from Nostalgia Collection, we decided to film myself photographing Ashley. In the short video you can see some of the flash set up (the other two are hiding), but also the position I was in to achieve the photo below.

[youtube id=”thknyI5efY8″ align=”center” mode=”normal” aspect_ratio=”16:9″ maxwidth=”770″]

Ash - Ollie

Overall it was rather a nice feeling to be back out shooting again in where my photography began. Also teaming up with another photographer to feed off each others style and methods is always good fun. It was interesting to see how two different photographers tackled the subject we were shooting. If anyone would like to meet up and have a photo shoot together, it can be anything you like then please get in touch via the online form.