On Saturday 15th the guys and girls of The Gym Gloucester teamed up to lift not one, but two Boeing 747-400’s planes. The reason why was to raise money for Meningitis Now, a local charity and one that is close to member Ryan Newman’s heart, as he recently lost his sister Keely in December 2016 to meningitis. Plus as it was The Gym’s 7th birthday, James Churchill always loves a crazy task!!

The challenge was to bench press the combined weight of a Boeing 747-400. For the guys there would be 60kg on the bar for 600 reps and for the girls 30kg for 300 reps. In total every guy who entered would be lifting 36,000kg and the girls 9,000kg. Although James being James set the bar higher and rather than a single plane the total was aiming for two Boeing 747’s!

Just Rep It Out!

Once the first few rounds were under everyone’s belt, the challenge then turned to – “Who can rep out the most”. No more 20 rep sets, everyone was aiming for the highest number possible! 40, 50, 65 and then finally a massive 76 rep set. It was clear to see the team and family spirit was alive in The Gym.

However 7 hours trying to keep up these higher rep sets weren’t an easy task! Some people dropped down to single figures once the pain started to hit in.

Bench Press 7 Year

7 Hours, 7th Birthday, 7 Minute Video

The power of the number 7 was clear throughout the day. The Gym’s 7th birthday and in total 7 hours of lifting. It just so happened I was filming the event on my Panasonic G7 so I decided to create a 7 minute! Well why not….the power of the number 7!!!

Don’t forget you can still donate by visiting the following link. Every little helps!!