Back when Nikon announced the Nikon D800 in 2012 everyone went crazy for it! Back orders and stock shortage because everyone was after a full frame DSLR that can shoot 36.3 megapixel, which was more than half the price of a Hasselblad or Phase One body. The image quality was amazing, however there was some who were waiting for Nikon D700 update – more speed, slightly more ISO range and a few more megapixels. I was one of them….so the Nikon D800 didn’t quite suit.

Now fast forward to 2014 and Nikon release two more FX cameras – D810 & D750, so hopefully these would tick the boxes…..well no not really!


I was quite looking forward to this rumoured “action sports FX camera” that was the Nikon D750. The talk made it sound like the ideal camera to replace or go alongside my Nikon D700. Fast burst rate, more resolution to play with, ideal. However when it was finally on sale I was slightly disappointed. The body was small, top LCD had also been slimmed down and was missing a few ports that I use (flash PC sync and 10-pin remote terminal).

Then when I read some more into the camera it just wasn’t aimed at your semi/high end photographer, lower flash sync speed and info quick menu that wasn’t as useful as that found on the Nikon D700 or even older Nikon D300 cameras. Even on the Nikon website it’s within the consumer bracket in their line up.

There’s also the replace to the full frame monster, the D810. Little bit quicker and quieter mirror system compared to the older Nikon D800. Lower ISO start range and increase in FPS without going into crop mode. Cracking camera but with a £2,400 price rather out of my range!

Bigger is Better?

So after quite a lot of thinking it was time to bite the bullet and decide which way to go. I could of opted for a second Nikon D3s or maybe a rather loved Nikon D4 (if only) however I wanted a camera that could give me more and by more I mean a lot lot more! So the Nikon D800 was the answer.

Everyone comments about needing to upgrade your PC due to the large file size, however a couple of months ago I had a custom PC built which had speed and storage in mind. Therefore no issues with storing and processing the photos as having over two terabytes of hard drive space should be okay for a year or two!

Grabbing a Bargain

As the camera is just over two years old the price has dropped massively down to the age and having a replacement model on sale, the price isn’t soo bad on a camera that does almost the same as the newer model. Therefore the used market place is full of Nikon D800’s all ranging in price and condition.

Luckly for myself working in a camera shop we sometimes get refurbished or B Grade stock of certain cameras or products. So last week a small batch of Nikon D800 refurb stock landed in our warehouse and it would be rude to not have a look and see if I could find a decent one in this bunch. I couldn’t of found a better example if I tried, speechless in fact that a refurbished unit could have less than 110 shutter actuation’s. A camera that’s over two years old, no marks and barely been touched. With a price just under £1300 with a 6 month warranty, this might of been a little more than a used unit but nothing beats an almost as new Nikon D800!!

Nikon D800

Best of Both

So now I’ve got the best of both in what I was looking for, as keeping hold of my Nikon D700 I’ve got the higher burst rate if needed and brilliant low light performance. Then when I need the extreme resolution, the Nikon D800 can bring me that quality.

Now it’s time to put the Nikon D800 through it’s paces and enjoy this high megapixel beast of a camera!